Julie McKenzie, The Natural Medium

I am excited to bring you this interview with the extraordinary Julie McKenzie. Jules is one of Australia’s leading, loved and respected Psychic Mediums. She has brought many people comfort in life through healing, clarity and a connection to the spirit world. As a talented spriritual Teacher and inspiring Psychic Medium Julie encourages people worldwide to approach life genuinely from the heart, with honesty, loyalty and intergrity. Julie loves to help people connect with their loved ones and Spirit on the Other Side giving heartfelt messages and guidance.

With christmas fast approaching it can be a difficult time as we remember loved ones past. In recent weeks I have had numerous friends experience a deep loss – so today’s post is for them and for anyone who has experienced a deep loss in your life through the passing of a loved one, remember they are always watching over us like Guardian Angels in the sky.


When did you discover your gift of mediumship?

As a child I thought it was quite normal to speak to animals and souls. For as long as I can remember I’ve known about something before it would happen. I recall a moment when I was age 5. I was standing in front of the Television and my father was just about to turn on the TV to watch the evening news when I said, “There’s been an earthquake and 5000 people have been killed”.

Dad asked me to move away from the TV and as he turned it on the newsreader said, “There’s been an earthquake in India and 5000 people have been killed”. I wasn’t necessarily picking up on what would happen in the future, but on what the newsreader was going to say.

When did you decide to embody this work and become a spiritual entrepreneur?

The original spark was after my Father passed away. The day he died, I knew there was something going on and I could hear his voice while I was home alone. It was hard for me, I thought I was crazy. I always knew I was different, but in that moment I realised I had to start sharing my gift. I gave up trying to control it. I did as I was told and they just opened the doors. 

I would tell people I could see, and they would start coming up and asking me. I would have dreams about people who have died, and people would ask if I had received anything. I couldn’t hide it anymore and I had to be honest. I thought I’d do massage therapy or Reiki and I ended up becoming a medium!

In what way does being a medium bring you a sense of purpose and fulfillment?

I love what I do and I do what I love.

When you’re with families and you tell them things that they know you couldn’t possibly know… what happened on a particular day or how a person passed, it gives people a second chance. It gives them hope. To be able to share messages and knowledge between loved ones is incredibly fulfilling.

You can’t fix or change anybody because you’re never the same after you lose someone. But you can give someone peace through the knowledge they’re not alone and that their loved ones are looking over them.

I am extremely conscientious about my work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world who aren’t so open-minded, there are many who do this work for the money, as charlatans. But I work with real people with real emotions, it’s not something I muck around with. What you say to a person goes home with them and that changes the way they feel about things. I’m very respectful and mindful when I am delivering information to individuals and their families and the feedback I have received is that people LOVE that.

Having a reading each week is not healthy but when people feel down and out and they know there is someone who LOVES them, who they can call upon it might not give them complete peace, but it helps when they realise they’re not alone.

The work you do must at times be very challenging, what gives you the drive to keep going?

The families. I feel so much for them. Some people I don’t charge because it’s not the right thing to do, I’d rather give and help. For others, it’s for them to be strong or to carry on a legacy.

Many people can’t understand why their loved ones died so I try to help them understand.

For example if someone lost a child, but the death of their child is going to save someone else’s or help to understand a disease – it enables them to comprehend why and that it happened for a reason.

You’ve had many highlights, but what’s been one of the memorable ones so far?

I’m pretty simple, my whole life is about helping people every day. I’m proud of all my books and cards. But it’s the little things that people don’t know about, the things that happen in my reading room, the satisfaction for the person I am reading for, that they are with somebody. That’s my highlight every day. It’s like going to a library and pulling out a storybook. It’s very gratifying that it can help people. I feel honoured people come to me and are open about things they haven’t told anyone before. The fame and exposure I have experienced both in Australia and overseas is great and it helps me with the normal business side of life but it’s the small stuff that I love.

How does your work serve a higher purpose?Julie McKenzie outdoors

Other than mediumship I want to change the way people feel about life on earth. Instead of the judgement that exists towards psychics, let’s figure out how and why mediumship exists.

My big thing would be how this all fits into the brain. How can someone be hit by lightning or a ball, wake up and know how to play the piano perfectly? Be an instant genius, virtuoso or know a language? Something they were never taught. I’d like to take my talent and explore scientifically how the brain works. Science doesn’t exist without intuition and thought and these things are inexplicably linked to the work I do. I’d love to unpack the connection scientifically.

Helping others is my passion, but my higher purpose might be to figure out why I’m so different from other people.

What great lesson or lessons have you learnt so far in life?

Respect of all people. Not everyone understands your side and that’s ok. Respect is a huge thing. It might be easy for people not to take responsibility for things, but you must have respect. Respect, compassion, truth and faith are the four words I love and live by the most. The biggest thing is to look after and love the people around you.

Respect, compassion, truth and faith are the four words I love and live by the most.Click To Tweet

We are all like candles: we light a candle when we’re born, when we die, birthdays, when we need to have faith, when we celebrate. We’re just like that little flame: it can be small, tall, change colours, and any second it can be snuffed out. It’s important to remember that. Life is fragile and we need to enjoy every moment of it. You must live life with a glass three-quarter full mindset instead of the other way around.

We are all like candles, we're just like that little flame and any second it can be snuffed out.Click To Tweet 

We need to be more positive because we are here to spiritually evolve and become the best person we can be. I always say, “What are you going to do to make a difference for your children? What legacy will you leave behind? People need to get out of the mainstream box and figure out what life is and what it means to them.

Remember you don’t choose a life, you live one.

Remember you don't choose a life, you live one.Click To Tweet

Life isn’t just about money, it’s all things mind, body and soul. A lot of people feel like they’re wasting away so I ask them, “What’s your purpose, what are you going to do to change the world?” We’re all part of a ripple effect, and it’s all about what we want to leave behind.

I’ve learned lots of lessons, and the number one thing is to be thankful for life and live it graciously. Our path is already chosen but some things are up to free will and how long we want to learn our lessons, but majority of our path has been chosen and we have to walk it with dignity and grace.

How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as Jules. I’m the same person at home, with a client, on radio or TV and I’d love to help bring unity to science and spirituality and share the mechanics of self-healing through body, mind and soul.  

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

To live in the moment. Cherish your moments as they are today. Work to become a better person. Life isn’t about fear or money or technology. It all comes down to your life and your relationships. It’s all about the heart connection. Follow your heart, your dreams. Just be yourself.

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What’s one thing anyone can do to increase their intuitive abilities?

Start being more positive. Love is the highest vibration, and the more you experience it in your life, the more intuitive you will become. If you love to be in nature, take yourself for a walk. Start to witness the goodness in others. Open yourself up to see the beauty in life. Look up to the sky and see what the clouds are doing.

When love is open, it allows you to receive more. Fear is false evidence appearing real and it will really block anything. The more positivity you bring into your life, the more you’ll be able to read messages. Signs are everywhere. We get them from the clouds, music, people, all sorts of things. When you acknowledge that love is the highest vibration, when you’re in that zone, the more messages you will receive.

When you acknowledge that love is the highest vibration, the more messages you will receive.Click To Tweet

A few of my favourite bonus questions with Jules..

Who or what is your favourite?

  1. Musician: U2. I love the song One. I also really love One Republic and their song Love Runs Out, it means you gotta get going with your life and everything else.
  2. Author: Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One
  3. Movie: Bridget Jones Diary. She’s so awkward but so normal!
  4. Breakfast: I love Acai bowls. I make them with coconut, bananas and strawberries
  5. Mantra or quote: Never ever ever give up. It may be your moment for a miracle.
  6. Who would you invite to a dinner party living or dead? Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana, Mother Teresa, Jesus. Also, Fred Astaire because I’ve always wanted to learn to dance properly and he makes everything look so effortless. And Steve Jobs for someone from the newer, technology era. His brain is magnificent. Oh I have to add two more people which would be my family.

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