Meet Brooke

Brooke Alexander lives in Sydney with her husband Gaven. Her stepson Josh occasionally comes over to visit, when he’s not studying psychology or working on making his first million.

You can find out more about Brooke here


This Blog

Your Legacy Project is a website that highlights extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. The goal of Your Legacy Project is to inspire and empower others to live with more purpose, meaning and fulfilment in their life through the creation of their own Legacy Project. 


When Did You Start Blogging?

This blog was launched on the 1st November 2016


Who Designs The Your Legacy Project Posts And Who Designed Your Site?

I create all of the graphics using Adobe Photoshop. The site uses the 15Zine Theme on the WordPress Platform and I have an incredibly talented assistant called Andrew. 


More questions?

Please feel free to contact me via the contact form here.


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