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Born the fourth child into a fourth generation grazing family Brooke has been surrounded by the concept of Legacy her entire life. She is the founder of Your Legacy Project, a conscious social movement that expounds the importance of legacy thinking for entrepreneurs, individuals, businesses and communities. Passionate about sharing this message with the world, Brooke works with women and men who want to create purpose-driven lives and businesses that define their legacy.

A born entrepreneur Brooke started her first business at age 22 inspired by her pioneering forefathers who carved out a place for themselves with their bare hands in regional rural Australia. From branding cattle in the outback to branding businesses in the boardroom, Brooke is an accomplished brand strategist having worked with some of Australia’s leading personal and professional brands in a career spanning 20 years.

Today, she is an accomplished thought leader and speaker and is regularly featured across the media; writing and commenting on the diverse topics of entrepreneurship, legacy, philanthropy, human interest and wellbeing.

Her fantastic life journey has led her on a purposeful path to discover what it takes to live with great meaning and fulfilment – being a professional working woman, a wife, a daughter and a sister and someone who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of generations to come. 

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