It’s time to change the way we think
about life and business.


Hi there, I’m Brooke Alexander and I’m an inspired entrepreneur, educator, business and life strategist dedicated to helping you bring your greatest vision to life.

And you, are an entrepreneur with big goals in life. Some of them you’ve kicked and others are still on your list. You have a big purpose, you love your family and you want to make a positive impact in the world. On your own terms, in your own way. 

You’re ready to do things differently. You’re ready to replace exhaustion and overwhelm with ease and flow. Deep down you know that you’re meant for something bigger. Something purposeful and that matters.


Right now you’re craving support. Community, collaboration and connection to like minded souls who know that time has come to do things differently. You want to live a life you can be proud of and leave a lasting legacy. You want to have a business that’s successful and makes a difference. Well my friend you’re in the right place, that’s what this whole project is all about.   

I know all of this because I am you. But before I tell you my story there’s a myth I want to bust for you. You do not have to choose between being of service, leading a purpose-driven business and creating a life that you love. You CAN have it all. I am living proof and I want to help you find your way.


But my life hasn’t always been like this. Just a few short years ago I reached what I thought was the pinnacle of my career. I wrote my first book and launched myself onto the international speaking circuit. I was immediately booked by the industry and began training future C-Suite Leaders to become the best in their field. I was on a high. I was travelling, speaking, working and training and living (what I believed) was my purpose. I was earning more money in an hour that most people earn in a month. It was all going swimmingly until one day, standing on a conference stage it all stopped. I lost my purpose and passion in an instant. 


Have you ever had the feeling of doing the work, making the sacrifices, talking to yourself, telling yourself that you’re on the right track, doing the right thing and then suddenly wham! Your life feels completely off track?

I’d invested and been trained by the best in the business. My speaking peers were my friends and I was living the life people dream about. Wasn’t I?

Mid-way through this journey I started developing tumours in my right arm. I should have recognised what my body was telling me. But no, I pushed on. Thinking that I had invested too much time, energy and money into my new career to stop.


The doctors were baffled as they tried to diagnose something they couldn’t. My stress levels were intense, my emotions were in tatters and my career felt like it was over before it had really begun. My health had suffered in the pursuit of what ‘I thought’ was my purpose when deep down I knew I wanted to say something else. But I kept ignoring that small voice inside until it screamed at me to stop.

My old model of “life and business” was no longer sustainable. So I set out to find my own conscious path to living a life that was meaningful to me. This was the beginning of my journey to discover ‘The Work’ that we all need to do in order to live a life aligned with our highest values and (re)define success on our own terms.


I started by asking myself questions. Questions like, “What do you want to be remembered for?” and “What do you want your life to really look like?”, “If you could share one message, what would it be?” And slowly, miraculously the answers started to appear.

+ Create a business that serves my highest purpose
+ Be a beacon of light and love on earth
+ Help others live with great meaning and purpose
+ Heal the past so that the future can be magnificent
+ Thrive financially
+ Travel the world
+ Make a real impact in the lives of millions of people
+ Contribute to something larger than myself
+ Be an inspiration to others
+ Bring my soul’s purpose to life

Today my business is driven by my highest purpose – to inspire others to bring their greatest vision to life through the creation of their own Legacy Project. I know I am building a legacy and making this world a better place. And I work with women and men who are passionate about doing the same.

You deserve to live a phenomenal life.


You have permission to turn inwards to find the answers to your deepest questions. The time has come for you to do the work that you were born to do. 


You are here to do something big.


You’re here to make a difference and you know you’ve got work to do to make it happen. But you are ready now and I know my experience can serve you to make those dreams a reality.

You don’t have to do this the hard way, and you certainly don’t have to choose. You can have the lifestyle you want and make the impact on the world you are meant for. You can have it all and I am living proof.


If this speaks to you and you are ready to take the next step, let’s talk.

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