Intention + vision + inspiration+ higher purpose.

That’s a recipe to change the world.


Hi there, I’m Brooke and I’m the founder of Your Legacy Project, a place for you to discover how to bring your highest purpose and vision to life. So what is a Legacy Project? A Legacy Project is a mission of intent that exists to serve humanity for the highest good of all.


Every great business is a Legacy Project in action.


You know when you meet someone who is driven by their purpose, they have something about them don’t they? They live with greater passion and dedication to their work, and they have an energy and feeling about them that’s inspiring. You want what they’ve got right?


You want to learn from them, discover their story, their highs and lows. But most importantly you want to know their reason why. You want to know their inspirations and motivations.  Here you will discover those answers and be supported and encouraged to bring your own highest purpose to life. 



I know that there’s a desire within you to do something more, bigger, greater. Why? Because I have that same desire.You have a deep desire to be a successful entrepreneur, but not just any entrepreneur. Someone who makes a real, meaningful, tangible difference in the lives of others. But the journey hasn’t been easy. In fact sometimes you just wish that you could go back to your ‘day-job’. But the truth is you can’t, you know you’re here for a reason and it’s time for you to claim it.


I know this because I am you.


I know this because I know what it’s like to be called to serve a higher purpose. I know this because I know what it’s like to sacrifice time, money and friendships in pursuit of something beyond yourself. A feeling. A knowing. A desire deep within, but you need support, wisdom, inspiration and encouragement to get you there, that’s where I come in. 


Your Legacy Project is your destination inspiration.


This is one place where you will find real stories, with real entrepreneurs making a real difference. We go behind the scenes with social and spiritual entrepreneurs, game changers and legacy makers making a dent in the universe– from across the globe. Here you will find their stories, their ‘why’ and what gives them the inspiration to keep going.

Here I also share my own story through weekly wisdom posts on life, business and relationships. In fact everything we do here is designed to inspire you to find your highest purpose and bring it to life.


Here you will find ideas, innovation and inspiration served with a side of spirit.


This is a place where fulfilment is mandatory and purpose is the mandate. This is where you can come and learn how to live a life on purpose, build a business that serves humanity and create a life that leaves a legacy.

This is where social activists, advocates, warriors, goddesses and entrepreneurs unite with one common goal – to serve their highest purpose for the highest good of all.

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning and teaching and to be as authentic and honest as I go. So please don’t expect perfection (it’s completely arbitrary anyway) but do expect thought-provoking ideas, wisdom and an unwavering devotion to help you bring your most inspiring, compelling and meaningful vision of yourself to life.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. This website will evolve over time, much like we all do and I’d love to share the journey with you and learn more about you. The best way to do that and stay connected is to make sure you become one of our YLP Insiders – just enter your name and email into the sign up form below. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled that we are connected and I’m inspired about the journey ahead.


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